About Good Neez

Rhys Martin - 

I am a self-employed finish carpenter in Park City, Utah and co-owner of Good Neez. I grew up in Massachusetts and have been in the carpentry/construction industry since I was a boy, working to help my father. From age 20, I began to notice my knees were often uncomfortable long after my day ended. There had to be a comfortable lightweight solution. A typical knee pad held on with straps was out of the question for me, between the constant slipping and readjusting, and how irritating I found the constant chafing to the back of my knee. Having always used a double-knee pant for the longevity and durability, I decided to take advantage of the knee pocket. Good Neez are a durable, waterproof, closed-cell, knee pad that’s easy to install and change out. The best part is, there’s no need to remove them before washing your pants. 

I relocated with my family to Park City in 2011 and started my own finish carpentry business. I couldn’t be happier with that decision. I have often thought about bringing this product to market, but always found myself too busy working to give it the time it needed. Twenty years since their inception, a friend and now co-owner of Good Neez, Brad Murdock, offered to help and I enthusiastically agreed. This product for me is like putting my armor on; I wouldn't leave the house without it! Even when just playing on the floor with my son I find this product invaluable. It is long overdue that I bring this to the public, and I hope you find these as useful as I have.

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