Best Work Pants With Knee Pads

Best Work Pants With Knee Pads

Knee protection is essential for manual labor jobs such as carpentry, flooring, roofing, and construction. Work like this can injure your knees without proper knee pads. Typical over-pants knee pads can be uncomfortable and inconvenient to wear, but pants with knee pads provide comfortable and convenient protection. 

Benefits Of Pants With Knee Pads

Wearing knee pads inside work pants is more comfortable, convenient, and durable than wearing strap-on knee pads. Below is an explanation of the four biggest benefits of pants with knee pads.

  1. No Uncomfortable Straps

Anyone who has worn a lot of knee pads knows that traditional strap-on knee pads are not comfortable to wear and work with. The straps can create chafing so while you’re protecting the front of your knees, you’re hurting the back of your knees. This is obviously not ideal for protective wear. Knee pads should make your job more comfortable, not less.

Pants with knee pads protect your knees without uncomfortable straps. There is nothing tightly wrapped around the back of your knee, since the knee pads are built right into the pants. Wearing knee pads as part of your work pants is completely comfortable.

  1. No Slipping Or Readjusting

Another issue with strap-on knee pads is that they often don’t stay in place very well. The straps can slip around and get out of place, so you’ll have to constantly readjust them while you work. Again, knee protection should make your job more comfortable, but knee pads with straps can create inconvenience and discomfort throughout your workday. 

Pants with knee pads never require readjusting. They will always stay directly in front of your knee and will never slip around. You’ll be able to work the whole day without having to think about your knee pads.

  1. Convenience

Wearing pants with knee pads means you’ll really never have to think about your knee pads. You don’t have to put them on each day and take them off each day, since they are part of your work pants. You can even wash your work pants with knee pads, and it all stays in one piece. You won’t have to think about knee pads every day ever again.

  1. Durability

Durability is not sacrificed for the added comfort and convenience of pants with knee pads. Work pants with knee pads are just as durable as strap-on knee pads, as long as you choose one with high-quality material and design. Just like any other type of protective wear, pants with knee pads come in a wide range of quality and durability. Next, we’ll explain what to look for when choosing pants with knee pads.

What To Look For In Pants With Knee Pads

Work pants with built-in knee pads is the way to go. But there are a wide range of options for work pants and knee pad inserts, and some are better quality than others. Here’s what to look for when choosing work pants with knee pads.

Knee Pad Inserts

Knee pad inserts are used in double-knee work pants. They insert into the pocket formed by the double knee, creating pants with built-in knee pads. Knee pad inserts provide all the benefits of pants with knee pads — they’re strapless, durable, and you don’t have to take them out to wash your pants. Here’s what to look for when choosing knee pad inserts.

Can Be Removed And Replaced 

Knee pad inserts can be taken out and replaced when they eventually wear down. High-quality knee pad inserts should last 3-6 months before they need to be replaced. That means you only have to think about knee pads a few times a year. 


Some brands of work pants have knee pad inserts that fit only their brand of pants. The best knee pad inserts are made to be customizable, so that you can choose whatever brand of double-knee pants that you prefer and trim the inserts to fit. 

High-Quality Material 

High-quality knee pads should last 3-6 months before they need to be replaced. This depends a lot on the material they are made with. The material needs to be strong enough to provide comfort and protection for daily use for at least 3 months.  

Durable Design

The way knee pad inserts are designed also affects their durability. The most durable knee pad inserts have no weak points in the material’s surface so that they won’t break under pressure. Shapes are cut into some knee pad inserts with the intention of making them more ergonomic, but they actually make the knee pad less durable. 

Good Neez Knee Pads For Work Pants

Good Neez Knee Pad Inserts were created by Rhys Martin, a self-employed carpenter who started doing carpentry as a boy helping his father. His years of work led him to create the most comfortable, durable knee pad possible. 

Good Neez Features

  • No straps - insert into double-knee pants
  • Waterproof
  • Customizable size and thickness
  • Wash in pants
  • Multiple options for firmness - Firm or Extra Firm
  • Replace when worn out - over 3 months lifespan guaranteed
  • Material - closed-cell polyethylene foam
  • Made in the USA 
  • Affordable price - only $14.99 per pair

Best Pants With Knee Pads

Good Neez Knee Pads can be customized to fit into any double knee pants, but here are a few of the most commonly used with our knee pads. 


Carhartt is a trusted brand for work wear, and their pants with knee pad pockets are no joke. That’s why we created Good Neez Knee Pads the exact size to fit in Carhartt double knee pants. Our knee pads are 5”X12”, which will fit perfectly into any Carhartt double knee work pants. You can browse Carhartt’s selection of pants with knee pad pockets here.


For those who prefer Dickies brand pants for knee pads, Good Neez can be easily trimmed to fit. The knee pockets in Dickies pants are 5”X10”, so you will need to trim 2” off the top or bottom of Good Neez knee pads to fit Dickies pants. You can shop Dickies selection of pants with knee pad pockets here.


Duluth offers only two styles of pants with knee pad pockets: work pants and work overalls. Duluth brand pants for knee pads also have 5”X10” knee pockets, so you will need to trim 2” off the top or bottom of Good Neez knee pads to fit Duluth pants. You can shop Duluth pants with knee pad pockets here.

While you’re shopping for your next pair of work pants, don’t forget to grab a pair of Good Neez Knee Pads to go with them. Shop our Firm and Extra Firm Knee Pads here.