The Best Knee Pads of 2021

The Best Knee Pads of 2021

Doing skilled labor work is rewarding, but can take a toll on your body— especially your knees. Whether you’re a carpenter, roofer, construction worker, plumber, or do any other work on your knees, you need the best knee pads.

The Problem With Standard Knee Pads

I’ve been working in construction and carpentry since I was a boy, working to help my father, and the work started taking its toll on my knees at age 20. Knee pain and pressure are not something anyone wants to deal with while working. So I started my search for the perfect knee pads. 

I knew I wanted good protection, but a comfortable, lightweight knee pad so that it wouldn’t get in the way of my work. I tried the typical knee pads with straps, but the straps slipped around and chafed the back of my knees. Even the best quality knee pads with an adjustable strap are still uncomfortable. 

The #1 Best Knee Pads: Good Neez Knee Pad Inserts For Double-Knee Pants 

Good Neez knee pad inserts are the most comfortable, convenient, customizable, affordable, and durable waterproof knee pad on the market. They are made to wear in the knee pocket of double knee pants, providing comfortable knee protection while you work.

Double knee pants provide excellent quality and longevity, which is why I created padding to insert into the fabric knee pocket. Any skilled laborer that uses knee pads will love the enhanced functionality of our low profile knee pad inserts for double knee pants.


Here are the top 5 reasons why Good Neez Knee Pads are the #1 best knee pad:

1. Comfortable Strapless Design

Our knee pads are made to wear inside double knee pants, so there are no uncomfortable straps. You’ll never have to readjust the knee pads from slipping around, and there won’t be any chafing or discomfort on the back of your knees. Good Neez knee pads stay in place right in front of the knee cap at all times, so you can pay attention to your work and not your knee pads.

2. Convenient To Use

Once you insert Good Neez into your double knee work pants, you don’t have to take them out again— even when you wash your pants! Just throw the pants in the washer with the knee pads inside. 

3. Customizable Size

Good Neez are 5”x12”, which is a perfect fit for the max length of Carhartt double knee pants. You can easily trim the top of our knee pads to fit other brands of double knee pants that have slightly shorter dimensions. You can even fit two layers of Good Neez in double knee pants for extra thick padding.

4. Affordable Price

High quality knee pads can be expensive, but Good Neez are very affordable at only $14.99 per pair, which last months before needing to be replaced. We stand behind the quality of our products by offering a 3-month warranty on Firm knee pads. Learn more about our warranty here.

5. Durable, Waterproof Material

Good Neez are made in the USA with closed cell polyethylene foam with EVA additive (ethylene vinyl acetate). This provides a durable and waterproof knee pad that will last months of work on any surface before wearing out. The unmatched durability of our Firm and Extra Firm foam padding helps protect you from knee injuries by providing shock absorption upon impact. 

Enjoy More Comfortable Work

The work you love doesn’t have to come at the price of comfort and knee joint health. You can be comfortable while you work! That’s our mission here at Good Neez.

The superior protection of double knee work pants along with Good Neez knee pads will make your job easier by protecting your knees from injury without annoying straps. And there’s no doubt that less knee pain will lead to better performance on the job.

Order your first pair of Good Neez today to experience the extra comfort.